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4SIGHT Team Spotlight – Catalina Rodriguez

June 20, 2022

The 4SIGHT team is growing rapidly! We’re always looking for exceptional talent to join our collaborative, hardworking team. We excel at delivering on client promises with every engagement and rely on our team’s expertise in consulting, engineering, and IT to deliver award-winning supply chain transformations.

Catalina Rodriguez recently joined the 4SIGHT team. Here’s what she shared about her onboarding experience so far:

Catalina, what does your current role with 4SIGHT entail?
My current role with 4SIGHT is Senior Associate focusing on project delivery. In this role, I will join implementation teams and support system installation and upgrades for our clients. The work includes system testing, configuration, change management, labor management, and client training.

You just joined the team in early May. How has the onboarding process been going so far? What are you excited about?
Onboarding is going great! I was lucky enough to meet six 4SIGHT folks at the Manhattan Momentum conference in Ft. Lauderdale, and I have already completed my first certification—all within my first month on the job. I’ve met the rest of the team via Microsoft Teams, and everyone has been extremely welcoming and available when I have questions. The Rippling onboarding software 4SIGHT uses is fantastic and makes the process seamless.

How were you introduced to 4SIGHT?
I came across 4SIGHT on LinkedIn. Frank Camean and I have common connections, and he reached out to me to see if I was interested in learning more about the company. I then learned about 4SIGHT and its achievements and knew this was a team I wanted to join.

How did you get started in a supply chain career?
I received an industrial engineering degree from Texas A&M University. While in school, I was involved in planning the industrial engineering career fair, which was held every semester. It was during my last
semester’s career fair where I met my first employer, a small supply chain consulting firm specializing in labor standards and management. I began working with them immediately after graduation and have been in the supply chain industry ever since.

What about 4SIGHT interested you enough to join the team?
Most definitely the people and culture. Ever since my first conversation with Frank, I could tell that 4SIGHT has a culture of caring for its employees. Everyone is eager to help no matter what role they have in the organization. There are also many opportunities to advance professionally, such as certifications or courses related to the industry. To me, these are the most important benefits a company can offer its employees, and 4SIGHT checks all the boxes.

Can you share a few exciting projects you’ve worked on and results you’ve helped clients achieve?
I was part of a labor management project for a major outdoor retailer with 12 distribution centers across the country. I was able to implement labor standards with an incentive program in four distribution centers. This meant that if employees performed higher than what the standard was set to, they would earn up to an extra $100 in their paychecks. It was so rewarding to be able to not only help the company with productivity and throughput, but also directly impact its employees in a positive way. Once this program was rolled out, the retailer had a 30+% productivity increase in addition to happier associates!

What is one lesson you’ve learned in previous roles you’ll carry forward at 4SIGHT?
You can always learn something from anyone! Throughout my supply chain career, I have worked with consultants, upper-level management, supervisors, and hourly associates. I can confidently say that I have received valuable lessons from people in all types of roles throughout my career. Every time I start a new project, I go into it with an open mind and try to connect and build relationships with everyone involved.

What industry certifications have you completed to help support you in your role as a supply chain expert?
In my first month as a 4SIGHT employee, I completed the Manhattan Active® certification, which is given by Manhattan. This certification provided me with insight into the new Manhattan Active® software and equipped me with manuals and examples I can use to help my clients.

Last year, I obtained my Prosci change management certification. Although this focuses solely on change management, it is essential while implementing supply chain software projects since the way people work ultimately evolves. With this certification, I’m able to help our clients navigate their change journey and achieve collective results faster.

What would you do for a career if it wasn’t building smarter supply chains?

If I were not in the supply chain world, I would have probably had a career in nutrition. I have always been fascinated with food and how we can use it to fuel our bodies. I also think a nutritionist’s job is remarkable since they can help someone transform their life in a healthier way without the need for medicine. Currently, I enjoy reading books and hearing podcasts on nutrition and try to help my family and friends when I can.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I spend my free time in a variety of ways! I love anything outdoors, such as swimming or going on a long walk. I also started doing CrossFit last year and have been enjoying the community aspect of it as well as being able to improve my health. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of my free with my new puppy, Mona, since she is a fun, energy-filled ball of fur!

Where is your favorite place in the world?
My favorite place in the world is my country of birth, Colombia. Not only does it have infinite natural treasures and amazing food, but it is also home to my family. I try to visit as much as possible and try to be a “tourist” in a town or city that I have never been to before. The coastal cities are my favorites since the ocean is my happy place and my favorite food is seafood.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I love jewelry and have partnered with a local raw emerald jeweler in Colombia to distribute her jewelry here in the U.S. Some weekends, I attend local markets and sell her earrings, necklaces, and bracelets while donating part of my sales to my community.

Three words to best describe you:
Empathetic, patient, and curious

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