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4SIGHT Team Spotlight – Travis Wolverton

August 30, 2022

The 4SIGHT team is growing rapidly! We’re always looking for exceptional talent to join our collaborative, hardworking team. We excel at delivering on client promises with every engagement and rely on our team’s expertise in consulting, engineering, and IT to deliver award-winning supply chain transformations.

Travis Wolverton is a Senior Director at 4SIGHT. Here’s what he shared about his experience on the team:

What does your current role with 4SIGHT entail?
I’m supporting a 3PL client with strategic planning and process documentation as part of their Product Design Team. The client has recently standardized their IT and facility design process. My role is to bring the system, business, and process knowledge needed to facilitate their efforts in standardization.

How long have you been a part of the 4SIGHT team, and what made you interested in joining?
I joined 4SIGHT in May 2021. I had experience with 4SIGHT as a client. I was impressed with the results they delivered. A few years later, I was presented with an opportunity to join the team, and I jumped on it.

What’s the coolest or most interesting thing you’re working on right now?
My client is working with several medium-sized startup companies. It’s exciting to be able to help those customers develop their supply chain solutions.

What’s something you find challenging about your work?
Client demands are constantly changing to adapt to the marketplace. This presents a rewarding challenge in staying current with trends in technology.

What motivates you at work?
I am motivated by my interest in problem-solving and helping others develop their skillsets and knowledge.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I like to spend time with my wife and kids. My kids are learning so much. It’s very rewarding to pass on my knowledge to them. I’ve set up a local Minecraft server that we all play on regularly. I also own several 3D printers that the kids like to use to make toys, robots, and other small projects.

Have you ever met anyone famous?
I met Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October at a meet-and-greet before a concert. He was surprisingly friendly!

What’s your idea of a perfect day?
My perfect day would include spending time on the lake fishing with my wife and kids, grilling hot dogs for dinner, and watching a movie.

What kind of music do you like? What’s the best concert you’ve been to?
I enjoy a broad spectrum of music. I tend to gravitate toward singer/songwriter artists and Americana. I’ve seen The Avett Brothers 11 times in four states. The best show was at Red Rocks in Colorado.

Do you like traveling? Where is the farthest place you’ve traveled to?
I enjoy traveling. I try to take something away from each trip, even when they’re for business. Each place has something new to learn about. The farthest place I’ve traveled to is Rastatt, Germany where I spent two weeks at a client working session.

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