Körber Warehouse Management

Meeting Change Head on with Körber Warehouse Management

Körber offers a highly adaptable Warehouse Management System (WMS) that enables customers to respond quickly to fast-changing demands and market conditions via an easily configured platform. Over time, this ability to make changes in-house reduces total cost of ownership while facilitating an organization’s ability to accommodate the unexpected in their operations. The solution supports warehouse optimization across diverse industries and for any level of complexity as well as seamless integration with ERPs and e-commerce platforms.

4SIGHT is a preferred Körber partner with years of experience implementing, configuring, and supporting Körber solutions.

  • Optimize receiving, put-away, and inventory management
  • Streamline warehouse transfers
  • Implement cross-docking
  • Leverage order and wave management
  • Simplify picking, packing, kitting, and value-added services
  • Perform load and route optimization
  • Handle the complexities of replenishments and returns
  • Maintain quality control
  • Introduce task interleaving

Other Körber Solutions

Körber Labor Management
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Optimizing workforce performance is a key aspect of containing supply chain costs today. 4SIGHT’s Körber Labor Management experts can help you blend this powerful technology with the performance standards, training, and motivational approaches that will make a difference for your team—and your bottom line.

We can guide your Körber implementation project from inception to go-live and can also work with your team to build the best strategies and tactics for coaching, retaining, and rewarding your workforce.

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