Made4net WarehouseExpert™

Transform Your Supply Chain with WarehouseExpert™

WarehouseExpert™ is Made4net’s robust, real-time Warehouse Management System (WMS) that enables you to improve productivity, increase service levels, shorten order fulfillment times, and reduce overall operation costs. While Made4net’s strength has traditionally been in the SMB WMS marketplace, it is now moving upmarket in more complex operations thanks to the functionally rich application with "out-of-the box" benefits. The Made4net WMS is scalable and supports both small and large organizations. Clients can achieve rapid ROI through quick implementation cycles that derive from a highly streamlined implementation methodology.

WarehouseExpert™ has built-in integrations with:

  • SAP Business One
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • NetSuite
  • Sage Enterprise

Built on the SCExpert™ platform (an adaptive and agile network of services), the WarehouseExpert™ WMS collects data on every single transaction and movement in the warehouse—information that gives you real-time visibility of your resources and optimizes your warehouse tasks. You can locate inventory faster, gain visibility, better track performance and utilization metrics, and boost your overall inventory accuracy.

Key features and benefits of WarehouseExpertTM include:

  • Implement and customize with ease due to a flexible, rules-based platform built on Microsoft technology and based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Establish dynamic, user-defined product attributes, such as lot, expiration date, serial number, size, and color
  • Improve directed task management and task interleaving
  • Add appointment scheduling and yard management
  • Optimize receiving (ASN, blind, batch, etc.)
  • Enhance quality control
  • Strengthen put-away and slotting
  • Implement cross-dock, flow-through, and trans-shipments
  • Manage inventory replenishment in real time and on demand
  • Speed order processing and picking optimization
  • Optimize wave processing, cartonization, packing, and staging
  • Leverage advanced staging and loading
  • Strengthen cycle counting and inventory control
  • Offer value added services and kitting
  • Direct integration with voice hardware

Made4net’s WMS includes a Warehouse Control System (WCS). It leverages all the tools and workflows that are often used for traditional warehouses and applies them to the automated components. Made4net’s WCS software determines the most efficient product and order flow at each decision point and can handle automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), shuttles, carousels, mini-loads, and more. It automatically feeds tasks to automated systems and reacts to feedback from the order fulfillment and material equipment management systems.

4SIGHT helps clients leverage Made4net solutions to optimize their warehouse and supply chain operations. We’ve implemented WarehouseExpert™ in diverse warehouse settings to help clients get up and running quickly with this powerful technology.

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