Digital Experience

Improving the Digital Experience for Customers and Your Workforce

When we think about the term ‘digital experience,’ images of consumers interfacing with websites and other digital media often come to mind. This is understandable as there is tremendous effort in the industry to continuously improve the ease of navigation and overall view of all aspects of e-commerce.

There are many other ways that we interface with digital applications ranging from information provided in retail footprints to workforces interacting with the software tools provided by our employers. This is especially true in the supply chain world.

  • Mobile devices employed on the warehouse floor for associates and management
  • Control towers leveraged for supply chain planning and exception handling
  • Visual picking aids (e.g., a photo of an item) provided by pick-assist robotics
  • Text messaging to schedule staff availability and planning
  • Tailored messaging to consumers from boutique retail and e-commerce sellers

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