Business Case

Making the Case for New Supply Chain Execution Technology

Successful supply chain transformation requires today’s IT professionals to conduct a diligent, in-depth analysis of the financial ramifications of proposed projects. Whether your goal is to improve productivity through deployment of new technology, optimize transportation spend, or expand your ability to support omnichannel commerce, you have to do the math and understand your alternatives in order to develop the business case required to justify the investment. It’s critical to establish this business case up front not only to gain approval, but also to effectively evaluate progress toward the expected ROI once the project is complete.

  • Identify current strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Recognize the potential savings from a properly designed WMS, LMS, or TMS
  • Generate the system’s benefits, costs, and ROI calculations
  • Identify the internal costs for software deployment
  • Gain CFO buy-in for your software investment
  • Uncover the true value of the software investment
  • Understand the entire cost for go-live preparation and post-go-live ramp-up

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4SIGHT has the operations, application, technical, and domain expertise, along with proven methodologies, tools, and templates, to help you evaluate and select the right supply chain software solutions. Our experience selecting and implementing all the leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 supply chain software systems has given us the valuable knowledge and insight we bring to every software evaluation and selection project.

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