Developing a Configuration Plan

A new greenfield site, upgrades, vendor changes, adding a new process or bolt-on service—all have their unique hurdles. Your ability to minimize the risks and challenges ahead starts with having a solid configuration plan. With all of the options available today, it’s harder to understand all the nuances of what needs to be configured. Sometimes, it’s even difficult to know where to start. 4SIGHT experts are trained to listen to your requirements and help you build a successful framework from the ground up.

  • Determine warehouse layout
  • Optimize receiving and put-away
  • Leverage cross-docking
  • Optimize picking, packing, and shipping
  • Evaluate master data (parts, vendors, suppliers, customers)

Other Systems Implementation Services

Business Requirements Definition
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Accurately defining business requirements is critical to the success of every supply chain project. Without this step, your project is likely to have cost overruns, missed deadlines, unhappy associates, and performance mismatched to your customers’ expectations. The result of this difficult scenario is dissatisfied customers and a potential loss of business.

4SIGHT is experienced in developing comprehensive and accurate business requirement programs and documents. Our expertise and tools can lead your teams to higher project delivery accuracy, lower costs, and greater satisfaction for your associates, management, and customers.

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Implementation Roadmap
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Supply Chain Execution system implementations can be complicated and expensive endeavors. Success can lead to strategic advantages in the marketplace, while failure can be detrimental to a company’s livelihood.

4SIGHT’s Implementation Roadmap gives you the tools for success with the right preparation, resources, methodology, and leadership. 4SIGHT can assist you in implementing a successful SCE project quickly and effectively.

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Program Management
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Successful program management is critical to keeping your project teams aligned and focused on a single, well-structured goal. Without this coordination, the collection of tasks from the underlying projects may become disjointed, causing delays and cost overruns.

4SIGHT’s program managers leverage years of experience with our proven methodology and tools to guide your programs to a successful completion. We work directly with your team to determine the best path forward based on all goals and constraints.

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Solution Design (Architecture)
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Your business made the decision to transform its supply chain, which is a huge commitment. You have invested in an industry-leading WMS solution and set your business and IT goals. How can you maximize the productivity on the warehouse floor while keeping the technology component simple enough to maintain and scale in future? What’s your Solution Roadmap going to look like? You have a tight timeline and budget, but you’re not sure if the product meets all your business requirements. How can you address any gaps in functionality—and more importantly, how do you identify any gaps early in the game? This is essential to avoiding an IT disaster.

At 4SIGHT, we understand you have many questions about your WMS implementation. Rest assured that our warehousing experts have your back when it comes to the Solution Design. Our solution architects excel at understanding the strengths and constraints of the leading WMS options on the market today. They are highly knowledgeable about how the functionality can be designed and the best way to address any gaps. With our trusted advisors on your team, you have years of relevant experience at your service.

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Having a strong, responsive support structure in place post implementation is key to your ability to achieve ongoing success with your new system. 4SIGHT experts have years of experience in supporting our clients as they learn the ins and outs of their new production environment and how it works. Having knowledgeable resources just a phone call away gives you the assurance you need to focus on your business while we manage any system issues and user concerns that arise.

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4SIGHT takes testing seriously when it comes to ensuring your new or upgraded system works just as you expect it to on day one. We focus on gaining a comprehensive understanding of your operations from every perspective to develop a thorough testing plan that encompasses all equipment, systems, and personnel.

Our goal is to help you detect and mitigate risks in each and every test cycle no matter how large or small your implementation project. 4SIGHT provides resources to support testing in many areas, including test management and tracking, technical and functional testing, user acceptance testing, and performance and automated testing.

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4SIGHT works with your team to create and execute a repeatable training curriculum for each process area that is clear and concise. All training material can be tied to your specific warehouse and process flows. We work to combine the operational and systematic flows so users not only learn the system, but are also prepared to understand how it helps them carry out their daily activities.

4SIGHT provides training methods that help associates learn quickly:

  • Hearing: Instructor-led training sessions
  • Seeing: Training guides and quick cards customized for your warehouse
  • Feeling: Interactive training environment provides real-world examples

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