Warehouse Management Systems

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Partnering with Leading WMS Providers to Transform Your Supply Chain

With strategic partnerships with Manhattan Associates, Blue Yonder (JDA/RedPrairie), Made4net, Infor, & Körber (HighJump), 4SIGHT offers the experienced leadership and dedication to understanding the latest features and functionality each vendor has to offer. We combine our proven operational, functional, and technical expertise with our partners’ technology to successfully deliver solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, and strengthen competitive advantage.

4SIGHT professionals average over 19 years of experience. This expertise is invaluable as you navigate your WMS project, including selection, design, implementation, and support.

  • Program and project managers
  • Functional and technical leads
  • QC testing specialists
  • Business analysts
  • Solution architects
  • Interface and integration specialists
  • Software developers
  • Report developers
  • Documentation specialists
  • Trainers
  • Industrial engineers
  • Data conversion specialists
  • Production support
  • Project advisors

Other Information Technology Services

IT Consulting
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4SIGHT’s consulting services focus on analyzing each segment of your supply chain operations to provide a series of tactical and strategic recommendations. From determining the optimal number of DCs and their locations to developing the business case for new technology and evaluating and selecting software applications, our veteran team of consultants can help. 4SIGHT can assess your warehousing and transportation operations, along with your workforce, to identify opportunities and areas for improvement. We can also help build out your omnichannel strategy to help establish your business as a preeminent leader in your industry.

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Labor Management Systems
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4SIGHT’s professional expertise with Labor Management System (LMS) implementations has enabled our clients to save millions of dollars. We know from experience that your typical labor management/pay for performance project is really a transformational change project. All of the Tier 1 software providers have robust functionality, but their software alone is not the key to a successful project. Having worked with each of the top Supply Chain Execution software providers, 4SIGHT brings you unique insight about the strengths of each platform.

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Software Development
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Your business has identified accurate requirement definitions and laid the groundwork for a successful implementation. However, not all requirements can be met with standard configuration or process changes.

4SIGHT’s development team can help execute software enhancements and customizations unique to your supply chain project. From minor changes and reporting configuration to larger process improvements, 4SIGHT can develop your requirements using our software development lifecycle (SDLC). Our goal is to raise the bar for your implementation, exceed your expectations, and ensure your project is completed successfully and on time.

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Support & Managed Services
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4SIGHT FrontLineSM Support Services provide on-site and off-site production support assistance for clients looking to stabilize their environments following the launch of a new system. Support can be daily, ad-hoc, weekly, or monthly, and the support program deployed is uniquely tailored to your needs. 4SIGHT can provide experienced resources to augment the day-to-day support responsibilities required to support your operations. Our support resources can:

4SIGHT Managed Services (4MS) is an extension of our Support Organization. It is built for clients looking to outsource the responsibility of maintaining a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses. You can use 4MS to support operational needs without having to hire staff or secure capital to manage it on your own.

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Systems Implementation
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4SIGHT’s professionals have led or supported hundreds of SCE systems implementations, ranging from complex Tier 1 solutions in heavily automated fulfillment centers to more basic systems in small warehouses. We can help you understand your project staffing needs and provide proven experts to fill the gaps in your internal resource plan. Our team members can handle any or all of the typical project roles and responsibilities from project management and business analysis to configuration, training, documentation, and more.

Our experts will leverage their knowledge of real-world supply chain best practices to define the lifecycle of your project and keep everyone focused on achieving the right results. We’ll work closely with your team throughout the project to ensure everyone is aligned on responsibilities, next steps, and the goal of each phase of the lifecycle to keep your project moving forward. Together we’ll help you achieve a successful solution implementation that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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Transportation Management Systems
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Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are critical to both shippers and logistics service providers alike as they collaborate with their customers and network partners to minimize costs and provide enhanced service levels. These powerhouse solutions oversee the movement of all inbound and outbound freight modes (including intermodal), at the domestic and international level. TMS solutions serve to optimize freight planning, provide rate and transit time analysis, and give service requests. They also provide load confirmations to and from carriers to optimize their routes and to generate electronic delivery confirmations.

Successfully implementing these projects is not easy. 4SIGHT uses a structured and proven TMS implementation methodology to guide you through the process, but it's our resources who make the difference. Our experience, relentless commitment to customer success, upfront planning methodology, and Implementation Roadmap set us apart from the competition.

Transportation Management Systems
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