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Harnessing the Power of Robotics in Fulfillment Operations

Watch Video Talk Now Leveraging years of direct warehouse operations experience and deep firsthand knowledge of warehouse robotics, Locus has engineered an innovative new approach to mission-critical fulfillment operations. The Locus platform delivers greater throughput, reduced costs, and unparalleled flexibility in moving inventory and orders through a fulfillment center. This efficiency and flexibility allows operators to keep up with the increasingly complex demands of channel partners and consumers.

4SIGHT recognizes the value of robotics technology in addressing today’s distribution challenges, which include rising labor costs and workforce availability. Compared to other automated and robotic systems, Locus Robotics offers increased order picking/selection productivity without the need for large up-front capital investments and long delivery and installation times. With its flexible lease arrangement, there is typically a very short payback investment period for integration, installation, and go-live. The time to deploy is driven by the effort required to integrate the robust Locus software with your WMS or host system. This is usually a couple of months.

Productivity gains are derived from two streams: reduced travel to start pick tours and deliver picked carts to packing/shipping and improved pick density within the pick zone(s).

  • Reduced Start and Complete Pick Tour Times

    With manual operations, pickers travel to select a cart loaded with empty totes/shipping cartons to begin each pick tour. Depending on the distribution center layout, this travel distance and time can be significant. Upon completion of each pick tour, the cart with completed picks needs to be delivered to a packing/manifesting station. Again, the travel involved is significant, and both the start and completion travel times occur for each picker multiple times per shift. With Locus Robotics, the pick tours are started and completed by robots, eliminating the need for pickers to leave their pick zone(s) and enabling them to focus on picking orders.

  • Improved Pick Density

    With manual batch, multi-order, or cluster picking, the pool of pick tasks is limited to orders or totes/cartons loaded on a single cart. With the Locus Robotics system, the pool of pick tasks increases exponentially to include all tasks within the zone(s) to which a picker is assigned. This increased pick density reduces the amount of travel between picks and improves overall productivity.

  • Enhanced Picker Productivity

    Clients that deploy Locus Robotics technology often find overall productivity for their pickers has doubled. Combining the benefits of reduced travel to start and complete tours with increased pick density and excellent visual aids that accompany the system (e.g., large location display and item and quantity to pick) results in a highly efficient pick process with extremely high order accuracy.

Jeff Ross, Locus Robotics Expert

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4SIGHT has experience evaluating how Locus Robotics compares to other industry solutions to solve your specific operational challenges. We understand the benefits and efficiencies Locus' turnkey technology brings to our clients and partners and how it avoids the heavy capital investments associated with traditional material handling solutions. Contact us to learn how deploying robotics technology can help solve your distribution challenges and significantly improve your fulfillment operations.

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