WMS Upgrade

Manhattan Active® WM - Is Your Business Considering an Upgrade?

When deciding whether or not to upgrade your current on-premise Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System (WMS) to Manhattan’s latest WMS known as Active® WM, some key things to assess are:

Business needs: Determine whether your current Manhattan WMS meets the business needs or if any new conditions require upgrading to Manhattan’s new Active WM application.

Compatibility: Check if your current Manhattan WMS is compatible with any new software mandates your company must deploy to confirm their enterprise and security standards. Is your Manhattan WMS compatible with required Operating Systems (OS) software, Database (DB) Software, any new Virtualization Software, new hardware requirements, etc., that may no longer be compatible with your version of Manhattan WMS?

Security: Evaluate the security of your current Manhattan WMS and determine if an upgrade is necessary to maintain data security and protect against potential security threats.

Cost: Consider the cost of upgrading to Manhattan’s new Active® WM application versus the cost of maintaining your current WMS system. Determine if the upgrade will provide a return on investment or if it is strictly a technology necessity to upgrade.

Support: Assess the level of support available for your current Manhattan WMS and determine if an upgrade to Manhattan Active® WM will provide better support, reduced costs, and additional savings or if the existing WMS is sufficient.

User feedback: Gather feedback from users of your current Manhattan WMS to identify any pain points or areas of improvement. Use this information to determine if an upgrade to Manhattan’s new Active® WM is necessary to improve the user experience.

4SiGHT can help you conduct a detailed assessment of the latest Manhattan Associates Active® WM application in a TEST environment. We can help identify functional gaps from your recent Manhattan WMS installment compared to the latest Manhattan Active WM release.

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Development Services
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Manhattan ProActive is a powerful application within the Manhattan Active® Platform. It empowers companies to enhance the base application with their custom business logic and processes. Using the tools available in ProActive, many of your identified gaps and custom requirements can be resolved.

Taking full advantage of ProActive can be challenging at first, particularly when trying to learn the rest of the Active product simultaneously. It requires an understanding of the new component-based architecture, their available access points for injection, and experience using JasperSoft Studio to develop reports or FreeMarker/Velocity to write custom logic and manage the deployments of these modifications across locations and environments. Depending on your specific need, 4SiGHT's ProActive experts can guide you through different elements of ProActive and find a beneficial solution for your situation.

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Implementation Services
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4SiGHT experts can help develop a well-scoped Manhattan Associates implementation project spanning defined phases from beginning to end. From performing the initial assessments to developing the implementation roadmap and executing on countless tasks, a well-structured plan is essential to long-term distribution excellence. Without these markers, your effort would be nebulous and could go on indefinitely.

Understanding the many interconnected parts of your Manhattan Associates software project helps your team stay on task, realize where interdependencies are critical, and identify where scope creep is likely to derail the effort. The project lifecycle also provides a logical workflow that gives everyone a clear picture of the sequential steps needed to achieve a successful outcome.

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Support Services
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Enterprising businesses can improve long-term performance and profitability with 4SiGHT’s live production support and managed services. Your ability to establish a solid foundation for the operational support of your solutions is often a critical success factor. 4SiGHT’s Solution Support Organization (SSO) is well-equipped and dedicated to partnering with your internal support team to deliver highly informed assistance that allows you to maximize the value of your investment.

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Training Services
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Whether upgrading your current Manhattan Associates system or implementing the innovative agility of Manhattan Active®, the key to success will be to have a fluent team that uses your system's unique configuration.

4SiGHT's experienced professionals can help build a customized training plan leveraging the continuous innovation of Manhattan's Active solution suite. From scheduling to documentation and training data, your team will learn best practices and how to implement them into your operations seamlessly. All training courses are not created equally. You must ensure the right people are in the right place with the tools to meet your business needs. Our Manhattan Associates certified trainers provide valuable feedback and help determine when your team is ready to take over managing the new system or identify opportunities for additional training.

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