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Successfully evaluating what supply chain technology is the best fit for your business can be a challenge that requires the right people and skills. Dedicated staff members on your operations and IT teams are crucial to meeting your supply chain technology project goals. However, many businesses lack the resources with the time or skill sets needed to execute an effective supply chain technology project and look to augment or outsource these roles.

4SiGHT offers consulting services for implementing supply chain technology, including automation, robotics, material handling equipment, and supply chain software. Our services span the complete project lifecycle from requirements definition through launch and go-live support. If you’re preparing to evaluate how your company can benefit from some of today’s leading supply chain technology but don’t have qualified internal resources available to support the initiative, 4SiGHT can help.

Our structured and proven technology assessment and evaluation methodology guides you through the entire process, but it’s our resources that make the difference. 4SiGHT has implemented some of the leading supply chain technologies available in the marketplace today. Our consultants are experts at understanding and delivering these new technologies and systems. 4SiGHT can help:

  • Augment your internal team with expert supply chain technology consultants
  • Enable internal resources to focus on their core duties
  • Keep your supply chain technology assessment on track throughout the project lifecycle
  • Achieve a successful technology evaluation
  • Maximize the benefits of how supply chain technology can help your business

4SiGHT technology consultants will help you assess the resource requirements and total cost of ownership involved with supply chain transformation initiatives, a key aspect of your supply chain technology evaluation. In addition, identifying opportunities for improvement in operations and technology becomes the foundation for an effective business case showing a demonstrable return on your technology investment. 4SiGHT technology consultants can help develop the business case for new supply chain technology and/or software and can help you evaluate and select the leading supply chain technology providers best suited for your business

Technology Consulting Services:

Implementation Roadmap
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4SiGHT's Manhattan Associates Implementation Roadmap is a detailed plan and guide outlining the steps in implementing the software solution. It is a critical tool to help you identify all components essential to your project, dependencies, timelines, and the resources required. It is a series of tangible deliverables defining the implementation and rollout requirements of deploying the Manhattan Associates software.

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Other Supply Chain Strategy Services

Transportation Consulting
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Optimizing your transportation operations has never been more challenging or crucial. Constantly meeting changing customer demands and market dynamics while minimizing costs and maintaining flexibility requires a comprehensive and well-conceived approach.

4SiGHT experts bring decades of experience assessing transportation operations, recommending targeted improvement opportunities, and successfully deploying TMS and other solutions. Whether you're a multi-modal global shipper or a regional company with a small, dedicated fleet, 4SiGHT brings the skills, experience, and best-practice knowledge essential to optimizing transportation.

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Warehouse Consulting
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Even with today's extended supply chains, omnichannel fulfillment, and 3rd-party logistics partnerships, your distribution operation continues to act as the nerve center for meeting customer demands. Optimizing your DC is more complicated than ever, given customer expectations for fast turnaround times and 100 percent fulfillment rates. The good news is that having the right tools, technology, and processes at your disposal will help you streamline distribution and improve performance.

4SiGHT can help optimize your distribution strategies and processes and align them with your Manhattan Associates solutions to elevate your DC to peak performance as you balance your fulfillment constraints and opportunities. We can leverage our years of experience in distribution/fulfillment operations to step in at any point of your Manhattan Associates implementation to lead your optimization initiatives or augment your team.

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