Manhattan ProActive

Take Ownership of Your Solution with Manhattan ProActive

Manhattan ProActive, an application within the Manhattan Active® platform, equips you with the necessary information and tools to handle your customized extensions to the base product, including user exits, events, entities, and user interface modifications. ProActive simplifies the management of your customized Manhattan solutions throughout their lifecycle, offering a centralized platform to monitor your solution modifications and enhancements.

Manhattan Active supports modifications to the base product by enabling extensions at all levels of the system architecture - the database, underlying business logic, and user interface. Previously, relying solely on the Manhattan services team was the only option for building and maintaining these extensions. However, with Manhattan ProActive, you can now take ownership of these extensions while leveraging 4SiGHT and Manhattan solution experts.

  • Explore APIs, Extension Points, & Extension Packs  
  • Utilize developer documentation published for APIs and Extension Points 
  • Build and deploy extensions using Extension Packs

For more information about 4SiGHT’s development services using ProActive, click here. 

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