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Manhattan Active® Transportation Management (TM) includes comprehensive support for all transportation functions and modes across the logistics network, spanning private fleet and standard carrier management. Active TM helps you automate processes and streamline execution while reducing transportation costs and overall business risk. This dynamic solution focuses on all aspects of a successful transportation program, from strategic analysis, procurement, planning through execution, visibility, and carrier payment/claims.

Whether you're a multi-modal global shipper or a regional company with a small, dedicated fleet, 4SiGHT brings the transportation operations expertise, TMS implementation experience, and technical capabilities essential to optimizing transportation through a successful Active TM deployment.

  • Reduce transportation and logistics costs through continuous, multi-modal planning
  • Improve service levels and visibility via pre-connected marketplace partners
  • Lower contracted and administrative costs with self-tuning, self-configuring intelligence
  • Automate and standardize processes across logistics functions within a unified workspace
  • Enable adaptability to change business requirements with engineered extensibility

Manhattan Active TM offers:

Continuous Optimization – your transportation network is constantly optimized by analyzing large volumes of real-time data and selecting the most suitable algorithm to produce the best solution for each carrier, mode, rate, route, node, and load.

Unified Logistics Control –  a completely reimagined planning process that is both user-friendly and customizable, designed to facilitate quick and easy navigation of the transportation network for more efficient planning. The interface is highly visual and easily personalized to suit individual user preferences. Large, interactive maps provide a detailed view of order and shipment information accessible in real-time. All planning and execution tasks can be handled within the Unified Logistics Control system at any level of detail, while shipment visibility remains a top priority, making it easier than ever to make changes with minimal clicks.

Fleet Management – sophisticated fleet management technology providing users with the tools to efficiently manage transportation demands by aligning all available resources for optimal efficiency, safety, and compliance. Manhattan’s Fleet Management supports business processes for both dedicated and private commercial fleet resources, regardless of mode or location in the logistics network. With advanced machine learning technology, the solution recommends routes, drivers, and assets to help minimize miles while optimizing service hours, availability, compliance, seniority, and service needs. With this powerful tool, fleet management leaders can achieve greater efficiency and better outcomes for their operations.

Transportation Modeling – Transportation modeling can help companies make better decisions about their transportation operations by identifying bottlenecks, reducing costs, improving delivery times, and increasing customer satisfaction. It can also help companies plan for future growth and anticipate market or regulatory environment changes. Transport planning models help test new ideas and challenging assumptions, allowing for a preview of the actual impact on operations. Scenario planning can run what-if scenarios and propose network configuration changes to assess the effects of different routing options on operations. Transportation planners can use these powerful tools to make informed decisions and optimize their network for the best possible outcomes.

Transportation Procurement – empowers users to identify the optimal combination of carriers and balance price, capacity, service, and quality. With Manhattan’s industry-leading technology in Optimization and sourcing insights, users can respond quickly to changes and reduce costs. The solution offers a powerful logistics procurement system, automating transportation bids, contract sourcing, and procurement while standardizing the entire process from RFP to final contract. With advanced technology designed for long-term success, Transportation Procurement streamlines the strategic sourcing process across modes. It enables users to match their lanes and demand with carrier offerings to secure the best rates and capacity available.

Carrier Management – A comprehensive suite of solutions built just for carriers, Manhattan’s Carrier Management helps you manage and respond to challenges like equipment utilization, fluctuating fuel prices, increasing federal regulations, and changing customer demand. Solutions include:

  • Driver&Load®
  • Fuel&Route®
  • Profit Analyzer/Bid Response®
  • Drop & Swap®
  • Load Analyzer
  • SuperSpin®

Other Manhattan Active® Supply Chain Solutions

Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management
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Manhattan Associates now offers Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management (WM), a version-less solution that never requires upgrades. As a cloud-based solution, it is designed to be ideal for modern distribution centers, enabling them to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. Manhattan Active WM represents a new distribution center management era characterized by productivity, flexibility, and optimized operations.

4SiGHT's Active WM experts work closely with your team to fill any resource gaps, or we can lead the project from day one to ensure a world-class implementation for your distribution operations.

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