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Upgrade Assessment

When deciding whether or not to upgrade your current on-premise Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System (WMS) to Manhattan’s Active® WM, several critical components must be considered.

4SiGHT can help you conduct a detailed assessment of the latest Manhattan Associates Active WM and help identify functional gaps from your recent Manhattan WMS installment.

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4SiGHT experts can help develop a well-scoped Manhattan Associates implementation project spanning defined phases from beginning to end.

From performing the initial assessments to developing the implementation roadmap and executing on countless tasks, a well-structured plan is essential to long-term distribution excellence. Without these markers, your effort would be nebulous and could go on indefinitely.

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Whether upgrading your current Manhattan Associates system or implementing the innovative agility of Manhattan Active®, the key to success will be to have a fluent team that uses your system’s unique configuration.

4SiGHT’s experienced professionals can help build a customized training plan leveraging the continuous innovation of Manhattan’s Active solution suite.

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ProActive is a robust platform enabling users to enhance their Manhattan Active product with various customizations. Taking full advantage of the suite of capabilities can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the Active ecosystem. At 4SiGHT, we help clients overcome these challenges and develop tailored solutions.

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Enterprising businesses can improve long-term performance and profitability with 4SiGHT’s live production support and managed services. Your ability to establish a solid foundation for the operational support of your solutions is often a critical success factor. 4SiGHT’s Solution Support Organization (SSO) is well-equipped and dedicated to partnering with your internal support team to deliver highly informed assistance that allows you to maximize the value of your investment.

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Own Your Extensions

Expert Manhattan Active Developers

Manhattan Active

– a cloud native, SaaS platform, with a micro-services architecture composed of small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs.

Building Smarter Supply Chains

Unified Partnership


Message from the CEO
4SiGHT’s Soaring Partnership with Manhattan Associates 
Last year, we boldly announced our unified partnership with Manhattan Associates. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of success. We’ve been recognized as a five-time Partner of the Year and achieved the coveted first-ever WMS Expert Status, solidifying our expertise in Active® WM and position as a leader in the industry.

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Our AutoStore Experience

4SIGHT is proud to be a key part of AutoStore projects for clients looking to redefine their space and improve distribution operations. AutoStore helps support long-term growth by optimizing order fulfillment and increasing performance without hiring.

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