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Whether upgrading your current Manhattan Associates system or implementing the innovative agility of Manhattan Active®, the key to success will be to have a fluent team that uses your system's unique configuration.

4SiGHT's experienced professionals can help build a customized training plan leveraging the continuous innovation of Manhattan's Active solution suite. From scheduling to documentation and training data, your team will learn best practices and how to implement them into your operations seamlessly. All training courses are not created equally. You must ensure the right people are in the right place with the tools to meet your business needs. Our Manhattan Associates certified trainers provide valuable feedback and help determine when your team is ready to take over managing the new system or identify opportunities for additional training.

Training is built for your associates, and the roles are defined for your business needs. We don't just to train to train. We want the right people in the right classes to understand the processes and why and how their transactions work. We also know that not everyone can be pulled from the floor at once for a training session. Our trainers work with you to identify your training needs and schedules. We provide training the way you need it:

> Custom Materials: Your data and processes are documented. We get to know your business and document it within our training material. Training guides and quick card documents are specific to your user setup, task eligibility, and troubleshooting needs. Other material includes Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to round out systems and processes in your organization, business unit, or facility.     

> Instructor-led: Reading material alone is sometimes not enough. Our instructor-led training sessions guide associates through the material. They both demonstrate and actively engage your associates in process discussions. We all use different terminology, which can be confusing. Through repetitive use and examples, training will also impart the WM terms and train them on detailed aspects (e.g., what’s an item package and how it is used, what happens to inventory attributes when it is placed in a loose item location, or what is a loose item location.)   

>Interactive: 4SiGHT believes training should be interactive and engaging for associates at all levels. With training materials and a demonstration of the process, it’s time for associates to get their hands on the system. Data sets are built by process area and can be reloaded as required. Associates are free to walk through what they’ve learned at their pace. Training labs are helpful training aids if space allows. Set up of sample warehouse area where users can apply real-life transactions using real-life equipment. The lab can be used for continuing education to assist in cross-training when your associates are ready for the next step in their education.  

Depending on your needs, 4SiGHT can either accommodate a ‘train the trainer’ approach or build robust training for all associates. We can also assist with technical training such as:  

  • Proactive  
  • Developer Documentation  
  • Developer Artifacts  
  • Extension Packs  
  • Postman/API  
  • Super User training based on Unified Configuration Guide  

4SiGHT has experience building out a complete training program that you can use to train end users. We ensure the program represents your operations and execute the training of all supervisors and end users at the pilot site and subsequent rollout sites. We will build out a structured program allowing you to take over all training responsibilities for future enhancements.  

4SiGHT can leverage computer-based training tools like Adobe’s Captivate, Manhattan’s MET (Method-based Education and Training), or alternative mediums. These tools can be customized to your operations, simulating the screen flows and specific steps required for each function. With online help and user navigation, your team can understand the new system quickly and efficiently.    


Creating better performance through customer-centric and productivity-oriented behavior and better leadership is essential. 4SIGHT can help you develop a Training Center of Excellence (COE) for your users. The Training COE offers a Change Management Process to assist clients with new Manhattan Associates deployments, but it requires time and attention. The key is to communicate the level of productivity expected of each employee and then be clear about exactly how they can achieve their goals. People can handle only so much change in a given period of time.

For a successful Manhattan Associates project, implement the change in phases by developing a best practice for the next task, creating a standard, rolling it out, and then ramping it up to get everyone working at that standard. Then repeat the process for each job function. Put metrics in place to measure how operations perform against the new process changes and, more importantly, how achievements in productivity translate into savings. Develop an accountability policy. Like Project Management, Change Management continues throughout the project’s life, occurring parallel to the rest of the Manhattan Associates deployment.    

The Training COE is responsible for developing a vision and strategy. Creating a vision to help direct the change effort and developing strategies for achieving that vision- process implementation. The Training COE is responsible for aligning your employees, processes, and systems to your vision and if your organization is Change Ready. The COE is responsible for performing a change readiness assessment and building a change road map, including a communication plan to build awareness and confidence for change across your organization. It’s important to constantly communicate the Change Vision and use every vehicle possible to communicate the new vision and strategies. This can be done through Change Management meetings, Distribution Center team meetings, Project Stakeholder meetings, Project Update meetings, and one-on-one discussions with local team leaders. 

4SiGHT Training COE helps define & communicate the behavior expected of employees resulting from the upcoming change. The COE assesses if we’re Process Ready throughout the project’s life. Uncover gaps, develop solutions that promote a more streamlined process, and get buy-in on the new processes. Paramount to this is empowering the Training COE leader to take action. They are responsible for removing obstacles, changing systems or structures undermining the Change Vision, and encouraging risk-taking and nontraditional ideas, activities, and actions. Provide leadership guidance and coaching to enable your top executives and people managers to be more effective implementers and supporters of the changes.   


Other 4ACTiVE Manhattan Associates Services Services

Development Services
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Manhattan ProActive is a powerful application within the Manhattan Active® Platform. It empowers companies to enhance the base application with their custom business logic and processes. Using the tools available in ProActive, many of your identified gaps and custom requirements can be resolved.

Taking full advantage of ProActive can be challenging at first, particularly when trying to learn the rest of the Active product simultaneously. It requires an understanding of the new component-based architecture, their available access points for injection, and experience using JasperSoft Studio to develop reports or FreeMarker/Velocity to write custom logic and manage the deployments of these modifications across locations and environments. Depending on your specific need, 4SiGHT's ProActive experts can guide you through different elements of ProActive and find a beneficial solution for your situation.

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Implementation Services
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4SiGHT experts can help develop a well-scoped Manhattan Associates implementation project spanning defined phases from beginning to end. From performing the initial assessments to developing the implementation roadmap and executing on countless tasks, a well-structured plan is essential to long-term distribution excellence. Without these markers, your effort would be nebulous and could go on indefinitely.

Understanding the many interconnected parts of your Manhattan Associates software project helps your team stay on task, realize where interdependencies are critical, and identify where scope creep is likely to derail the effort. The project lifecycle also provides a logical workflow that gives everyone a clear picture of the sequential steps needed to achieve a successful outcome.

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Support Services
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Enterprising businesses can improve long-term performance and profitability with 4SiGHT’s live production support and managed services. Your ability to establish a solid foundation for the operational support of your solutions is often a critical success factor. 4SiGHT’s Solution Support Organization (SSO) is well-equipped and dedicated to partnering with your internal support team to deliver highly informed assistance that allows you to maximize the value of your investment.

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WMS Upgrade Assessment
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When deciding whether or not to upgrade your current on-premise Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System (WMS) to Manhattan’s latest WMS known as Active® WM, there are critical components to consider: business needs, compatibility, security, cost, support, and user feedback.

4SiGHT can help you conduct a detailed assessment of the latest Manhattan Associates new Active WM application in a TEST environment. We can help identify functional gaps from your recent Manhattan WMS installment compared to the latest Manhattan Active WM release.

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