Manhattan Active® Supply Chain

Achieve Flexible Operations with Manhattan Active® Supply Chain

Flexibility is key to meeting today’s business demands and taking full advantage of technological advancements. Manhattan Active® Supply Chain solutions span warehouse and labor management as well as slotting optimization for a full-spectrum approach to leading-edge distribution. These cloud-native solutions enable you to maximize processing efficiency, maintain inventory accuracy, and manage labor and inventory volumes to keep up with fast-changing customer demands.

Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions serve a range of industries, including food distribution and grocery, retail, life sciences, apparel and footwear, high-tech electronics, and third-party logistics (3PL). Organizations in these industries rely on Manhattan to enhance productivity levels, harness the power of automation, and strengthen employee engagement at every step. With Manhattan Active Supply Chain solutions, you have the insights needed to optimize distribution and transportation across your full supply chain network and can react quickly to shifting needs.

  • Increase inventory and order fulfillment accuracy
  • Address ‘out of stock’ demand
  • Enable managers to share real-time performance with associates
  • Support quality and vendor audits during the receiving process
  • Facilitate cross-docking
  • Simplify cycle counting for any defined time period
  • Support sophisticated warehousing needs, including value-added services, lot management, serial number tracking, and product recalls
  • Accommodate omnichannel and/or multi-tenant fulfillment
  • Leverage advanced order fulfillment strategies with wave and/or waveless approaches
  • Automate information capture via the latest technology
  • Connect easily with external multi-carrier solutions
  • Increase visibility, security, and throughput
  • Improve product placement and employee performance

Manhattan Active® Supply Chain Solutions:

Manhattan Warehouse Management
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Supply chain leaders use the Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System to enhance inventory management, expertly fulfill orders, and maximize how associates, robotics, and automation are utilized.

As a preferred Manhattan Associates partner, we have years of experience implementing and supporting all three Manhattan Associates WMS applications: Warehouse Management for Open Systems (WMOS), Warehouse Management for IBMi (WMi), and Warehouse Management for Windows (SCALE). We’ll work closely with your team to fill resource gaps or lead the project from the start to ensure a successful outcome for your operations.

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Manhattan Labor Management
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4SIGHT combines our proven Manhattan functional and technical expertise with strong operations and engineering knowledge to help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and strengthen your competitive advantage. 4SIGHT resources have decades of experience implementing labor management solutions and recommend a phased approach when implementing an LMS.

Because we have both the standards engineering experience and an in-depth knowledge of Manhattan’s LMS and WMS solutions, we can provide you a one-stop-shop solution. Our proven implementation methodology will ensure an efficient and cost-effective approach to implementing all Manhattan products.

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Manhattan Transportation Management
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As risk and volatility escalate, and global transportation options continue to evolve, a sophisticated Transportation Management System is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. With advancements in technology, capability, and deployment methods, companies of all sizes that span all industries and geographies can quickly benefit from the value of active, optimized transportation management.

4SIGHT resources have decades of experience implementing the Manhattan TMS. This includes direct, hands-on expertise in integrating this solution in LIVE production environments across all industry channels. We combine our proven Manhattan functional and technical expertise with a strong operations and engineering knowledge to help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and strengthen your competitive advantage.

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Manhattan Slotting
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Manhattan’s Slotting Optimization is a powerful, cloud-based tool that optimizes pick and storage locations for your inventory. There are many ways in which this solution can streamline your operations and improve your supply chain metrics.

However, as with any tool, it must be used correctly and consistently to achieve the biggest impact. 4SIGHT’s experts can guide your team in developing a strategic slotting program to increase the ROI for your slotting tool.

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Manhattan Extended Enterprise
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4SIGHT knows your warehouse is unique, and you need a customized approach to making sure you can carry out your customers’ requests to their exacting specifications. Our experts work with you to determine how your external supply chain network fits in, and how Manhattan Extended Enterprise solutions can help create valuable linkages. We have years of experience working with the full Manhattan product suite and can advise you on how to achieve your goals with these applications.

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Other Manhattan Associates Solutions

Manhattan Active® Omni
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Omnichannel is about true continuity of experience that extends beyond a single brand’s universe. 4SIGHT team members have spent years working with retail companies to develop growth and performance improvement strategies. Our experience working with retailers, direct-to-consumer organizations, distributors, technology providers, and industry organizations has enabled us to become a trusted advisor to organizations focused on omnichannel across the nation.

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