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Award-Winning Experts in Building Smarter Supply Chains

4SiGHT provides supply chain consulting, engineering, and IT expertise to help you solve your pressing distribution, transportation, and omnichannel challenges. Regardless of your industry, we can help you meet the ever-changing demands of your business—and your customers.

With an average of more than 19 years of supply chain experience, our professionals bring operational, technical, and engineering capabilities fine-tuned through hands-on involvement in hundreds of successful projects. These seasoned experts work with leading solution providers including Manhattan Associates, Blue Yonder, Made4net, AutoStore, KNAPP, Locus Robotics, and more. We deliver successful supply chain transformation projects from strategy and DC design to automation, software, and technology implementations. Below are some of the reasons why 4SiGHT clients choose to partner with us for their supply chain needs:

  • Experience: 4SiGHT offers the perfect combination of skill-sets, subject matter experts, engineering experience, and more than 25 years of consulting experience. Our team empowers Fortune 500 companies as well as midsize entities to develop and implement global supply chain, warehousing, transportation, distribution, and logistics solutions. Our resources have managed a wide variety of project types. We deploy professionals with relevant domain experience. 4SiGHT professionals have worked for warehouse providers, supply chain software vendors, consulting firms, systems integrators, 3rd-party logistics services providers, and former clients. When it comes to understanding a client’s needs, we are truly experts.
  • Automation & MHE Knowledge: 4SiGHT professionals possess strong material handling equipment (MHE) and automation experience, including an understanding of the latest in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. Our automation team specializes in goods-to-person, person-to-goods, robotics, and other automation solutions with industry leading technology providers. Learn more.
  • Supply Chain Execution (SCE) Software Knowledge: Our working experience with WMS, TMS, OMS, and LMS applications dates back to the mid 80s and spans many software vendors. This experience coupled with our understanding of the tasks required to execute a successful software implementation project provides significant value for our clients. We have a “real-world” understanding of the software vendor approach to projects and how you can be successful.
  • Not a Technology Reseller: 4SiGHT is well respected in the industry and regarded as vendor agnostic, fair in any technology evaluation process, and a knowledgeable, trusted advisor. 4SiGHT has no financial ties to specific material handling vendors or software providers. Our engineering designs are not influenced by other factors that can sway facility layout recommendations. We only recommend solutions that are in the best interest of our clients.
  • Implementation Experience: Clients choose 4SiGHT because of our depth of implementation experience. We deploy seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in Tier 1 WMSTMS, and LMS supply chain solutions. We provide a streamlined, proven implementation methodology that incorporates the methodologies of the leading vendors in our space. We offer a complete, turn-key deployment approach to manage your entire implementation with a dedicated, full-time team of resources for the life of your project.
  • Dedicated Resources: We offer dedicated resources to all our clients. You will not have a revolving door of resources on your account.
  • Go-Live Success: 4SiGHT clients have a 100% go-live success rate. We provide a streamlined and proven methodology. Our roll-up-your-sleeves-approach to all our projects is what makes us successful, and our culture is not like what you find at the large consulting firms. Our methodology and approach have been battle tested and proven to be effective. Our style focuses on key project tasks, follows a proven implementation methodology, offers experienced resources, and promotes a collaborative model between the client and 4SiGHT team members.
  • Integration Expertise: 4SiGHT professionals have led many complex projects involving critical integrations between WMS, TMS, LMS, and other supply chain technology and external systems. Our Integration RoadMap, integration testing approach, day-in-the life testing approach, and integration experts help ensure the integration is well architected and all data transactions are properly mapped out and flow without errors.
  • Software Development Capabilities: 4SiGHT provides software development services to our clients in many forms. We have a development pedigree in house that can provide our clients with developers well-versed in Java, .Net, scripting, RPG, C, C++, C#, Python, Visual Basic, SQL, PHP, Perl, etc., to carry out a wide range of work. This includes development to enhance WMS providers’ platforms, to support integration initiatives, to communicate with material handling equipment, to build custom integration layers connecting disparate applications, and to customize reports and webpages. 4SiGHT has provided countless development hours on several WMS platforms for years.
  • 4SiGHT QC Testing Methodology: 4SiGHT offers a rigorous QC application testing methodology that includes:
    • Test Strategy
    • Stress Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • Test Management
    • Data Conversion Tracking
    • Test Script Development
    • Automated Testing
    • Dry-Run Testing (Mock Go-Lives)
    • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
    • Go-Live Readiness
  • Professional Development: 4SiGHT invests in continued education for our staff to stay actively involved in the Tier 1 supply chain solution community. We also sponsor and exhibit at leading annual user conferences.
  • Industry Recognition: As a leading supply chain consulting and systems integrator, 4SiGHT has received numerous industry awards for our commitment to client success.
  • Quality of Our Work: We are passionate about the quality of our workmanship. We produce professional, high-quality deliverables across all service offerings and are recognized by our clients and partners for our attention to detail.

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