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April 15, 2024

A Year Later: 4SiGHT’s Soaring Partnership with Manhattan Associates 

One year ago, I had the pleasure of announcing 4SiGHT’s commitment to a strategic partnership with Manhattan Associates. Today, I’m thrilled to share how the partnership has blossomed into something truly remarkable. It brings me great pleasure to reach out to you once again and share an exciting update on our journey here at 4SiGHT. 

Last year’s announcement about our unified partnership with Manhattan Associates was a pivotal moment for us, marking a bold step forward in our commitment to delivering world-class solutions and services to our clients. Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of success. Our partnership with Manhattan Associates has flourished beyond expectations. We’ve been recognized as a five-time Partner of the Year, a testament to our unwavering dedication to their solutions. We’ve achieved the coveted first-ever WMS Expert Status, solidifying our expertise in Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management (WM) and position as a leader in the industry. You can read more about this achievement here: 4SiGHT Achieves WMS Expert Status.

The accolades are just a part of the story. What truly excites me is the momentum we’ve built together. Five Active WM projects are currently underway; two more are scheduled for later this year, and a robust pipeline of potential clients, including Manhattan Active® Transportation Management (TM).  

This growth isn’t just about numbers; it’s about empowerment. We’ve ensured that every team member, from leadership to implementation specialists, is certified in Manhattan’s Active WM solution. Yes, each member of our staff, from the CEO down, is now certified in Active WM, a testament to our commitment to excellence and expertise in implementing Manhattan Associates’ solutions. This deep understanding allows us to deliver unparalleled service and expertise to our clients. 

Looking ahead, the future is bright. Our strengthened partnership with Manhattan Associates feels like tailwinds propelling us forward. We’ve positioned ourselves as the de facto implementation partner for Manhattan Associates, a role we take immense pride in. It has enabled us to deliver exceptional value and drive transformative change for our mutual clients. As we reflect on our journey thus far, I am humbled by the unwavering support and trust placed in us by Manhattan Associates, our clients, and our friends. 

Thank you to our team and our partners at Manhattan Associates for making this incredible journey possible. Together, we are shaping the future of supply chain excellence. We’re excited to see what the future holds!  

Warm Regards, 

Frank Camean
President & CEO
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