Manhattan Extended Enterprise

Manhattan Extended Enterprise Enhances Warehouse Profitability Beyond the Four Walls

The success of every great business is defined by how well it meets the needs of its customers. The better the product and service, the happier the customer. Yet, when it comes to distribution, meeting customer requirements also means effectively orchestrating processes that involve entities such as trading partners, hubs, 3PLs, stores, and others. This means your Warehouse Management System must function as part of a larger technology ecosystem. Manhattan’s Extended Enterprise solutions are designed to link the components of your internal and external supply chain to achieve superior visibility into what’s happening when—making sure you can deliver on your customer promises.

4SIGHT professionals are well versed in helping our customers leverage Manhattan Extended Enterprise. Because every warehouse is different and uses different business techniques, we start from the ground up to design a solution that fits your needs. From purchase order viewing to shipment dispatch, we provide services in all areas where Manhattan Extended Enterprise provides value. These include:

  • Viewing POs
  • Creating and adding LPNs to ASNs
  • Printing labels, price tickets, and packing lists
  • Generating ASNs
  • Generating invoices


  • Achieve visibility into product flows
  • Standardize processes to ensure productivity
  • Reduce costs for overall logistics and labor
  • Achieve vendor accuracy and efficiency

Other Manhattan Active® Supply Chain Solutions

Manhattan Labor Management
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4SIGHT combines our proven Manhattan functional and technical expertise with strong operations and engineering knowledge to help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and strengthen your competitive advantage. 4SIGHT resources have decades of experience implementing labor management solutions and recommend a phased approach when implementing an LMS.

Because we have both the standards engineering experience and an in-depth knowledge of Manhattan’s LMS and WMS solutions, we can provide you a one-stop-shop solution. Our proven implementation methodology will ensure an efficient and cost-effective approach to implementing all Manhattan products.

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Manhattan Slotting
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Manhattan’s Slotting Optimization is a powerful, cloud-based tool that optimizes pick and storage locations for your inventory. There are many ways in which this solution can streamline your operations and improve your supply chain metrics.

However, as with any tool, it must be used correctly and consistently to achieve the biggest impact. 4SIGHT’s experts can guide your team in developing a strategic slotting program to increase the ROI for your slotting tool.

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Manhattan Transportation Management
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As risk and volatility escalate, and global transportation options continue to evolve, a sophisticated Transportation Management System is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. With advancements in technology, capability, and deployment methods, companies of all sizes that span all industries and geographies can quickly benefit from the value of active, optimized transportation management.

4SIGHT resources have decades of experience implementing the Manhattan TMS. This includes direct, hands-on expertise in integrating this solution in LIVE production environments across all industry channels. We combine our proven Manhattan functional and technical expertise with a strong operations and engineering knowledge to help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and strengthen your competitive advantage.

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Manhattan Warehouse Management
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Supply chain leaders use the Manhattan Associates Warehouse Management System to enhance inventory management, expertly fulfill orders, and maximize how associates, robotics, and automation are utilized.

As a preferred Manhattan Associates partner, we have years of experience implementing and supporting all three Manhattan Associates WMS applications: Warehouse Management for Open Systems (WMOS), Warehouse Management for IBMi (WMi), and Warehouse Management for Windows (SCALE). We’ll work closely with your team to fill resource gaps or lead the project from the start to ensure a successful outcome for your operations.

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