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Manhattan Associates Active® Labor Management Solution

Manhattan’s Active® Labor Management (LM) offers powerful capabilities to help you evaluate and improve the performance of your workforce. By providing granular performance tracking and employee feedback, Active LM enables you to create a high-performance culture and reward high achievers.

Active LM comes fully integrated with Manhattan's Active® Warehouse Management (WM) into a single application with decisions executed in real-time. Active LM provides a new level of engagement with a cutting-edge mobile experience that uses real-time data to engage, motivate, and incentivize workers. The industry's leading labor management system and 4SiGHT's LM experts specialize in implementing the solution.

To successfully deploy Active LM, you need expertise in four key areas:

  • Operations/Process Improvement
  • Engineered Labor Standardst
  • Technologyt
  • Change Managementt

At 4SiGHT, we combine our functional and technical expertise in Manhattan’s LM with extensive knowledge of distribution and fulfillment and Engineered Labor Standards to help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage. Our proven Active LM implementation methodology ensures an efficient and cost-effective approach.  

  • Implement labor standards engineering 
  • Integrate time and attendance 
  • Leverage reporting and performance feedback 
  • Comply with OSHA requirements 
  • Optimize schedules, planning, and monitoring, implementing incentive-based pay 
  • Utilize mobile supervisor functionality 
  • Configure embedded gamification techniques

With 4SiGHT’s support, you can make the most of Manhattan’s Active LM to improve your workforce performance and drive your business forward. 

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