Manhattan Extended Enterprise

Manhattan Extended Enterprise Enhances Warehouse Profitability Beyond the Four Walls

The success of every great business is defined by how well it meets the needs of its customers. The better the product and service, the happier the customer. Yet, when it comes to distribution, meeting customer requirements also means effectively orchestrating processes that involve entities such as trading partners, hubs, 3PLs, stores, and others. This means your Warehouse Management System must function as part of a larger technology ecosystem. Manhattan’s Extended Enterprise solutions are designed to link the components of your internal and external supply chain to achieve superior visibility into what’s happening when—making sure you can deliver on your customer promises.

4SiGHT professionals are well versed in helping our customers leverage Manhattan Extended Enterprise. Because every DC is different and uses different business techniques, we start from the ground up to design a solution that fits your needs. From purchase order viewing to shipment dispatch, we provide services in all areas where Manhattan Extended Enterprise provides value. These include: :

  • Viewing POs
  • Creating and adding LPNs to ASNs
  • Printing labels, price tickets, and packing lists
  • Generating ASNs
  • Generating invoices


  • Achieve visibility into product flows
  • Standardize processes to ensure productivity
  • Reduce costs for overall logistics and labor
  • Achieve vendor accuracy and efficiency

Other Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management Solutions

Manhattan Active ®Slotting Optimization
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Slotting keeps your distribution operations running smoothly by ensuring the product is in the optimal pick location. Experienced 4SiGHT experts can help you leverage the benefits of slotting to size your pick faces more efficiently, reduce picker travel time, determine optimal stock levels, and provide more ergonomic and safer picks for your operators.

Manhattan Active® Slotting Optimization integrates with Active Warehouse Management to supercharge warehouse operations. It uses applied intelligence to continuously optimize inventory placement based on configurable factors such as seasonality, sales trends, and location sizes.

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Manhattan Active® Labor Management
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Manhattan’s Active® Labor Management (LM) offers powerful capabilities to help you evaluate and improve the performance of your workforce. By providing granular performance tracking and employee feedback, Active LM enables you to create a culture of high performance and reward high achievers.

At 4SiGHT, we combine our functional and technical expertise in Manhattan's LMS with extensive knowledge of distribution and fulfillment and Engineered Labor Standards to help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage. Our proven Active LM implementation methodology ensures an efficient and cost-effective approach.

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