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Mar 24, 2021

4SiGHT Supply Chain Group Launches New Website

New website highlights 4SiGHT’s refreshed services, solutions, and innovation focus to help clients build smarter supply chains for their fulfillment needs

4SiGHT Supply Chain Group, a leading supply chain consulting, engineering, and IT services provider, unveiled its new website today. Visitors will find in-depth information across a range of supply chain industry services, solutions, and topics, geared toward helping clients with their customer fulfillment needs.

“The supply chain market has evolved, and we’ve adapted our service offering to meet the changing needs of the clients we serve,” said Jenae Cahanes, VP of Marketing, 4SiGHT. “Our clients and prospects rely on us to design and optimize their operations using the latest technology, innovation, and best practices. Our new website clearly highlights the full range of services, partnerships, and capabilities we offer in support of building smarter supply chains.”

The new website highlights 4SiGHT’s overall solution experience and alliances with leading Tier 1 Supply Chain Execution software vendors. It also showcases the company’s expanded focus and experience working with leading automation technology providers.

Today’s distributors, retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs, and other businesses increasingly look to complement their Supply Chain Execution software with automation technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs in their operations. 4SiGHT’s experience and partnerships with leaders in this space give clients comprehensive support for selecting and implementing the right technology to meet growing customer demands. The website features a multitude of educational resources, including a thought leadership focused blog, video overviews, and articles that illustrate how 4SiGHT’s team of long-tenured supply chain experts stay on top of industry trends and requirements, as well as technology advancements.

“The simplicity of our new website, refreshed services, and focus on innovation will showcase why clients partner with 4SiGHT. The new site reflects who we are, what we do well, and our continued expansion with software technology and automation,” said Frank Camean, President and CEO, 4SiGHT. “How companies fulfill orders for their customers is ultimately what matters. Our new website was designed to zero in on how we can help clients optimize their operations, fulfillment, and technical needs. The new website clearly encapsulates our lifecycle of services that helps our clients build smarter supply chains either through automation, strategic planning, facility engineering, software implementation, and more.”

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