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It’s day one, and everyone is eager to start. Some are a little nervous, but everyone wants to do their best. The proverbial switch is flipped, but are you ready? Many warehouse associates struggle through the early days after a go-live due to a lack of training. Training may be the first place you think of to shave off time or extra dollars from your project. However, investing in a knowledgeable and confident team can help minimize the time from go-live to having efficient, well-oiled warehouse operations.

Have you ever been given a task with only general information or no direction? You may have been able to accomplish the task, but it probably took longer than you had anticipated, particularly if you had to make any adjustments for your initial assumptions. Now think about how much easier it is to complete tasks with clear goals and guidance. Think of this analogy when approaching training for your warehouse associates. Without establishing a clear goal or relatable information, it’s difficult for your team to understand or master process changes. This can lead to frustration and lower levels of productivity if they are struggling to execute their assigned tasks.

  • Build training guides
  • Leverage quick cards
  • Provide interactive and guided training
  • Create a customized training data set
  • Provide scheduling and certification

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Having a strong, responsive support structure in place post implementation is key to your ability to achieve ongoing success with your new system. 4SiGHT experts have years of experience in supporting our clients as they learn the ins and outs of their new production environment and how it works. Having knowledgeable resources just a phone call away gives you the assurance you need to focus on your business while we manage any system issues and user concerns that arise.

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