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May 23, 2023

4SiGHT Unveils New Brand, 4ACTiVE℠, Along with Website Refresh

4SiGHT Supply Chain Group, a leading Manhattan Associates solutions integrator, today announced the launch of their new brand, 4ACTiVE℠. This comprehensive suite of services is specifically designed to empower Manhattan Associates clients in optimizing the value of their Active® solutions. Alongside this exciting brand unveiling, 4SiGHT has also refreshed their website to reflect their commitment to their all-in strategy with Manhattan Associates.

The 4ACTiVE toolkit comprises an extensive range of services, each tailored to minimize risk, enhance business value, and expedite return on investment across every deployment phase. Clients of Manhattan Associates can now take advantage of the following services offered by 4ACTiVE:

  • Implementation & Upgrade Assessments
  • Implementation Roadmap℠
  • Project Implementation Support
  • Training & Change Management
  • Software Development
  • Post-implementation Support and Continuous Optimization

“We are excited to leverage our rich history of assisting companies in implementing supply chain software for nearly three decades and channeling this extensive experience into our latest offering, 4ACTiVE,” expressed Frank Camean, President and CEO of 4SiGHT. ”With a keen focus on the new Manhattan Active platform of solutions, we are consolidating our cumulative expertise gained from working with various supply chain software providers throughout our careers and directing it towards one exceptional software partner: Manhattan Associates. This strategic alignment allows us to deliver unparalleled value and support to our mutual clients as they embark on their journey with the cutting-edge Manhattan Active solutions,” added Camean.

In conjunction with the launch of 4ACTiVE, 4SiGHT has also refreshed its website, reflecting the company’s new all-in strategy with Manhattan Associates. The redesigned website showcases 4SiGHT’s capabilities, expertise, and commitment to delivering innovative supply chain solutions utilizing the Active platform. Visitors to the website will gain valuable insights into the unified partnership between 4SiGHT and Manhattan Associates, highlighting their strength and vision in driving excellence in supply chain operations.

“We are excited about our evolved partnership with Manhattan Associates,” added Camean. “Throughout our website refresh, we aim to provide a seamless experience for our clients and prospects, emphasizing our expertise and commitment to delivering value for Manhattan Associates clients.”

In a personal message from the CEO, the company’s founder explains some of these changes reflecting on their journey over the past 14 years and how this is a pivotal moment in the company’s history. Camean emphasized that this change is driven by the company’s deep understanding of the evolving market landscape and the need to continuously adapt and innovate and reinforces their position as a leading solutions integrator in the supply chain industry. You can read the personal message from Camean at

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